5 Guidelines for Putting Your PR to Work: as presented to the NSAA Annual Conference

May 20th 2016

Coming to you on the return from a successful and fun couple of days in Nashville, TN – what an incredible city! Although not all business (as expected, the music and food were exceptional), we were on a special mission, as I had been asked to lead a session at the National Ski Areas Association’s (NSAA) annual conference. The topic: The new world of Public Relations and how to put earned media to work for the hundreds of resorts across North America in attendance.

Here are the five key points I hope resonated with the audience:

  1. In today’s world, does a media impression really matter? Not really. It is much better to establish what the key performance indicators are up front and determine what success will truly look like. For example, is it the overall tone, including a direct link to a website, change in consumer perception or landing in specific target outlets?
  1. Social and digital shouldn’t live in a silo. These channels are often your best method for communicating with the public and can make a much bigger impact if you have a cohesive plan. It is important to remember that all communications (internal and external, business to business or business to consumer) have an impact on your business.
  1. Know your audience. Who is currently listening to you and who do you want to attract? Once you have that nailed, adjust your messaging accordingly to find new ways to reach your audience. (Tip: you can pitch more than just traditional media – think industry newsletters, social media influencers, small blogs with a strong social reach.)
  1. Determine your best stories and who your best storytellers are. Find ways to create memorable experiences and dig deep to ensure there is an emotional connection to those experiences, stories and the storytellers.
  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

And, most importantly, have fun! It’s all about reaching your audience in a way that is best for your brand.


By Caroline Andrew

Caroline has been with Mfa for more than a decade, focusing on strategic counsel, key message development, and exceptional creation and implementation of tactical plans. Through her work at six Olympic Games, Caroline has transformed numerous athletes, sports and events into household names. She is adept at integrating social media into PR strategy and has consistently shown a unique ability to identify opportunities and successfully influence often hard-to-reach audiences, including Millennials. Although her summer will be filled with family time at the beach and in the ocean, she’s already looking forward to getting back to the mountains next winter.

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