5 Ways to Supercharge your Business During the Summer

June 1st 2016

Summer means a time to slow down, relax and have some fun. For businesses, however, it should mean the exact opposite. While the volume of emails and phone calls decrease during the summer months, that is the perfect opportunity to increase the time you spend working on your own company’s goals and objectives.

We are lucky to work with so many great companies and non-profit organizations and we know how dedicated you are to providing superior products and services to your customers. With the summer just getting underway, now is the time to focus your talents internally and work on ways your business can continually grow during those lazy days of summer.

  1. Create. Have you been thinking about revamping your business’ website and social media sites? Take advantage of the down time by reviewing and upgrading your online presence. For example, add new services or products you’ve introduced to keep your website and social media accounts up-to-date.  Or maybe it’s time to refresh the look and feel. You’ll keep current customers excited about your business and also attract new clients.
  2. Change. Summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate where your business is now and where you’d like your business to be in 6 months or a year. Do you have new goals in mind for sales volume, marketing outreach or the structure of your business? Take those goals and start laying the groundwork to reach them. Once summer comes to an end, you’ll have put your business in a prime position to reach new customers thanks to your prep work.
  3. Join. Adjust your digital presence to join in on summer themed products and services. Posting about relevant content like family beach trips, grilling recipes or top ten Summer Olympic videos while making your product or service visible brings seasonal traffic to your site. Doing this could make for new customers who would not normally be visiting your site while also showing regular visitors and customers you’re just like them when it comes to summer time fun (even if you’re not actually taking time away from the office).
  4. Connect. Are there customers or clients you’ve been hoping to reconnect with or let them know you appreciate their business? Why not give them a call? It shows you’re thinking about them and value their business. It can also be free market research – when people have more free time to talk they will give you feedback on what your company is doing right and where you can improve.
  5. Play. Many businesses intend to celebrate wins but it’s tough to find the time. Summer is the opportunity to take a few hours and celebrate those victories, like new clients, new projects or new hires, that you’ve won throughout the year. Plan a day trip or just an afternoon getaway to get out of the office. Having time outside the work environment to connect with coworkers makes for a healthier professional bond and increased productivity. It also allows for creative brainstorming in new, fun environments in a casual setting. Change in scenery often sparks new ideas and opens up the imagination…leading to new ideas and innovations for your business.


By James Runkle

Mfa’s Digital Strategic Partner and Principal of Drummond Street Strategy

James brings his unique approach to all things social and digital in his work with Mfa. With more than 20 years of work across multiple sectors, ranging from collegiate to corporate, James combines best-practices to provide customized solutions. Along with his team, James strengthens Mfa’s social offerings and enhances clients’ presence on all digital platforms.


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