A San Diego Summer Weekend

April 11th 2015


San Diego is one of my favorite places to visit.  With the endless sunshine, numerous surf spots and friends who are always up for a bike ride or BBQ, the city offers a laid back vibe that makes you feel as if it’s summer every day.  San Diego might not be known for its food, but on my recent weekend there, I had a few great meals that I’ll definitely return to in the near future…


Taco Surf: This casual taco shop in Pacific Beach is full of surfboards and the delicious smell of carne asada. It’s one of the first places I was introduced to in San Diego, and I never visit without getting a California-style burrito, complete with guacamole and hash browns!


The Original Sab-E-Lee: I wanted to explore a bit on my last jaunt to San Diego, so my travel companion and I did a little research and went off the sand-beaten path to Linda Vista. It was there that we found, in a small strip mall, this 5 table Thai establishment.  After a trip to Southeast Asia last fall, we consider ourselves somewhere between ‘authority’ and ‘aficionado’ when it comes to Thai food, and we were not disappointed.  We feasted on spring rolls, pad kee mao and curry to the point of food coma.  One piece of advice – spice level 3 out of 10 is still really spicy.  And the only remedy is an order of coconut mango sticky rice.

A San Diego summer weekend (2)


Sapporo: I was taken to Sapporo by a group that frequents the Ocean Beach sushi staple.  The menu was extensive and inventive, from salmon skin hand rolls to whole fried shrimp and the requisite spicy tuna roll.  My favorite was the Joe Roll – shrimp tempura, spicy tempura, spicy tuna and asparagus, topped with albacore, scallions and ponzu sauce.  Sit at the bar and keep the sake coming!


By Franny Basile

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