And now, an Olympic word from Missy…

August 8th 2016

It’s no secret I love the Olympics, I love sports and I’m a committed news junkie. But this weekend I realized that what I love most about the Olympics is the kindness. Human beings from all over the world cheer for each other. There’s no black or white, Muslim, Jew, or Christian, there’s just people competing, cheering and caring. Everyone I know hurts for the French gymnast who shattered his leg. We all applauded Syrian swimmer, Yusra Mandini from the refugee Olympic team when she won her heat, and more importantly we are in awe of her extraordinary efforts to save other refugees from drowning.

Day in and day out, we hear politicians cutting each other down, we hear about war, terror, crime, and gossip. It’s nice that for a few hours each day, over the course of the next 15 days, we care enough to take the time to learn about the competitors regardless of where they are from, to celebrate their talent and their effort, their respect for each other, and of course, who doesn’t love carpool karaoke!

At Mfa, we ask everyone to SHINE. It’s nice that the world shines these few weeks too.


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