Another Year, Another Great Visit to the New York Times Travel Show

February 20th 2015

We here at Mfa love to travel! Sure, sometimes that includes a work trip that may take us to the mountains in Aspen, Colo., the vineyards of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, or walking with the Fifes and Drums along the Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Va. The wanderlust doesn’t stop with work; members of our team have recently traveled on vacation to Panama, Malaysia, India, Florida and Vermont. So with every year, we attend the New York Times Travel Show – to learn what’s on trend in the industry for the next year, and to get some ideas for our own upcoming adventures.


The biggest takeaways this year were not what all the hot travel destinations are, but rather the technology that enhances your experiences on the ground and aids in booking your travel. It seemed that most of the seminars touched on this, from The New York Times travel writers’ panel to the Frommers talks. Condé Nast Traveler’s Wendy Perrin dedicated her entire seminar to different travel apps – some of which were familiar, but some of which we downloaded right away after learning about them.

Another Year, Another Great Visit to the New York Times Travel Show (2)

Take, for example, WhatWasThere. This is a great app for a self-admitted history nerd that gives you facts and images of landmarks that once lived in the place you are currently exploring. Looking to stay an extra night during your trip? No worries – Hotel Tonight has you covered with last-minute deals on great hotels. LocalEats, Viber, VerbalizeIt and City Maps 2Go were among other great apps she touted. While she did note that is important to disconnect, she emphasized using all these great (and mostly free!) technological resources. It never ceases to amaze me how much we can do with one little smartphone!


Of course, a trip to the show is not complete without a run around the Expo! This year we spread our Caymankindess with interested travelers, sharing exciting new information about our favorite Caribbean destination, The Cayman Islands. We also checked out what other destinations had to show. While there was dancing and music at some booths this year, Atlantic City’s booth stood out the most. As a nod to AC, artists from the Travel Channel’s Sand Masters were creating amazing sand sculptures! It was definitely an eye-catcher and got me thinking that maybe I have been overlooking AC as a great weekend getaway from NYC.


An added bonus to our experience this year was the break we took at the nearby, newly-opened Gotham West Market. A nice reprieve from the usual cafeteria food we eat at the Javits Center and definitely a must for anyone in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Sandwich anyone?

Another Year, Another Great Visit to the New York Times Travel Show (3)

All in all, another great year at the show…already can’t wait for what next year’s will bring!

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