Thought Leadership

Creating a Thought Leadership Program

Notable non-profit moves to the next stage of its mission and successfully emerges as the clear leader of the important work around Play!

photo courtesy of KaBOOM!


KaBOOM! – the national non-profit dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve filled with balanced and active play – had decades of experience in making an impact on communities by building playgrounds. In 2014, the organization shifted its focus to introducing a new concept of “Playability.” An original communications campaign was needed to raise awareness, elevate the discourse around an innovative idea, and spark a movement.

photo courtesy of KaBOOM!

The Mfa Way

An overhauled communication strategy began with a rebuild of the organization’s messaging. With the goal of reaching foundations, potential funding partners, community leaders, and media always at the forefront, a thought leadership program incorporated a social media strategy, media outreach, content dissemination, activations in key markets, and targeted CEO outreach. A City Leaders’ Summit, an official Playability Week, and research projects were capitalized upon to create a social conversation and carve out space for the new initiative in the social good sphere.

photo courtesy of KaBOOM!


In just the first year of the campaign, major momentum was made in the creation of KaBOOM!’s thought leadership positioning. #Playability was a trending topic in Washington, DC, and stories spread the message to the target audience through outlets like NPR, BBC Radio, and The Wall Street Journal. Inroads were made with targeted leaders in youth development, urban innovation, and social change, as introductions were made and meetings set for CEO Darell Hammond. The work around the initiative was also recognized as a 2015 PR News Platinum Award finalist.

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