Social Media

Launching an iconic, 100-year-old brand’s social media presence

The development of Schwinn’s Facebook presence creates personal connections to champions of the brand and engages new fans.


A limited social media presence was underserving cycling leader Dorel Sports’ potential to further build and reach a fan base for its heritage Schwinn brand. To connect with a younger, Millennial consumer, Mfa was enlisted to create a seamlessly accessible and engaging platform.

The Mfa Way

Schwinn’s Facebook page was immediately built out in a brand-right way, along with the necessary policies and guidelines that keep a high caliber social presence on track. While steadily delivering content, thoughtful testing helped to refine an understanding of the audience and define the best ways to engage. The development and execution of paid campaigns further boosted the following.


The successful launch built the foundation for a social media presence that continues to thrive. The initial goal to reach 100k Facebook likes in one year was handily surpassed. And, a focused campaign around Schwinn’s Bike It Forward program saw a 50% Facebook following increase in just 30 days, along with 130k program entries and 57k posts.

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