Product Launches

Pulling Back the Curtain on a New Category Launch

Creators of the Uncommon Thread and sock pioneers, Stance, launch their Run collection and the public takes note.

photo courtesy of Stance


When a company known for breathing new life into a staid accessories category enters a new product genre, an innovative launch plan is in order. In a crowded field of athletic wear, the new collection needed to immediately stand out to the masses while locking in the technical and performance credibility it deserved.

photo courtesy of Stance

The Mfa Way

To capture the attention of a broad consumer set – from serious runners to trend enthusiasts – a multi-platform approach was taken to introduce the dynamic brand’s seven new styles. Personifying the dichotomy between the trend forward style and performance elements was one of the brand’s Punks and Poets, punk rock legend and Cro-Mags lead singer John Joseph, who Mfa utilized for an unconventional running event and social media push. Personalized outreach rounded out the plan, including a trip to the fitness publishing hub that is Rodale’s PA headquarters.

photo courtesy of Stance


An Uncommon Run event had punk icon John Joseph leading media through the punk landmarks of New York’s East Village, while offering a hands-on product testing experience. Post-run foot massages were the perfect cap to a launch event that showcased the duality of the brand’s product offering. The #uncommonrun continued through future individualized run events, including Mfa staffers executing a product seeding program while completing races alongside media. Coverage continues to hit targeted and mass outlets like Self, Runner’s World, Fitbie, Outside, Shape, Men’s Fitness and Playboy.

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