Youth Influencer Communication

Marketing to Millennials and Youth Influencers

Leveraging a Fortune 50 company’s influencer programming to reach a young and increasingly important demographic.

photo courtesy of Target


With mass appeal and brand awareness on lock, Target set its sights on forging legitimate relationships with the future guest, Millennial audience. A unique approach was necessary for this savvy and often skeptical generation to feel a personal connection to a mega-brand. An impressively longstanding athlete program and influencer network was on the verge of growth, and a first-time product partnership with Shaun White set to launch.

photo courtesy of Target

The Mfa Way

Tapping a deep understanding of how to position brands to a hard to reach audience, a plan was hatched to leverage each key partner. Media tours connected the personalities behind the brand to niche and lifestyle media, Shaun White’s shoe and apparel line became the ultimate example of the brand’s commitment to these relationships, inroads were made via niche media relationships and coverage and press trips introduced mainstream media to brand influencers in their own environments.


Continued growth of the brand’s action sports program was supported by varied press coverage in mass outlets like The New York Times and the Associated Press (picked up across 600 publications). While relationships with niche platforms like High Snobiety, YRB, ESPN, Transworld Snowboarding and Well & Good grew the program’s credibility. Building on a decade of work with Shaun White, Mfa secured a second Rolling Stone cover, a groundbreaking Fast Company cover, and a Nylon Guys cover story to celebrate the launch of the apparel collection.

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