Content Marketing: What’s Old Is New Again

April 10th 2015

While it may be marketing’s buzzword de jour, creating ‘content’ really has been at the heart of PR since its inception.

The difference is that there are now seemingly limitless options to spread our message through a direct connection with the public. After all, Public Relations is relations with the public. This is something that our CEO, Missy Farren, founded our agency on 21 years ago and continues to ensure is at the core of our work. The exponential growth of the arsenal of tools available to create these relationships is what makes our jobs even more enjoyable today.

Media relations has been the star function of many PR plans over the last few decades. And, editorial calendars and press releases have been known to create a slippery slope of redundancy for some well-intentioned PR programs, while also engulfing the planning conversation. What all of the recent buzz, editorial coverage and endless fodder around content development reminds us is that we must continue to evolve the conversation around our capabilities, just as we’re investing in honing our skills across every emerging platform.

Some tips to make sure your content plan will create impact, not just a case study:

  • Put the effort in on the front end. Spend some time and resources up front to define your core audience and decipher where you will find them. Coming up with a cool idea that you’re sure will “go viral” (cringe!) is not the way to go. You have to meet your audience where they are already shopping, conversing, exploring.
  • Interaction is your #1 goal. Always. Of course your content needs to be on-brand and bring something new to the landscape. Most importantly, it needs to give your audience something to have a conversation around. Make it useful!
  • Utilize it! Once you’ve created a great piece of content, don’t just post it and expect the worldwide web to do the work for you. Who and what can extend your reach? Where can you most effectively put some budget into promoting or partnering? It’s a fun time to be in marketing! Scheming up fresh ways to relate to the vast and coveted ‘public’ we study so closely has never been more exciting. We’re having a great time growing our content repertoire and evolving the definition of PR. Let’s continue to push each other to see what’s really possible.

By Laura Anderson, Director of Strategy and Planning for Mfa’s next 20…

About Laura:
Laura Anderson is Mfa’s Director of Strategy & Innovation. Laura recently re-joined the agency after a seven-year run with Target, where she managed the communication program around the mass retailer’s Lifestyle Marketing program, along with the Millennial marketing and content development efforts of the Experiential Marketing & Alliances team. She is thrilled to be back with Mfa, always ready with an opinion and a strategy session plan for the agency’s diverse roster of clients. Laura is proud to represent the Midwest, holding down Mfa’s Milwaukee office.

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