Five Ways to Stay Motivated in Wellness and Business: as told by fitness Instagram sensation, Anna Victoria

August 23rd 2016

Motivation. We all have it, but sometimes it easily escapes us – in all aspects of our lives. That time you packed your gym bag at night, gearing up for that early morning workout just to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off, or when you prioritized that to do list just to find yourself completing any other task besides your number one priority. Everyone struggles to stay motivated when working towards a goal.

We caught up with Fitness Instagram Star, Anna Victoria, on how she stays motivated in her wellness routine and how it relates to success in business. Here is what she had to say:

  • Wake up early. There’s nothing better than waking up relaxed without feeling rushed or like the clock is already ticking. It’s so important to wake up at a time that will allow you to begin your day on the right foot so you can have a fresh and focused start to your day.
  • Work out early. In addition to waking up early, getting your work out in before the day starts helps energize you and will leave you feeling ready to take the day head on. While it may seem you’d feel tired and exhausted after an early morning and adding a workout in a that, it’s quite the opposite! Early workouts help increase your focus and energy, which will only help you have an even more focused and successful day at work. 
  • Prioritize. Anyone who works out knows if they want to lead a successful healthy lifestyle, they must prioritize and organize their schedule, which includes prioritizing their professional life as well. While juggling a busy career and consistent workouts is a lot to take on, the simple act of organizing your schedule and creating a routine allows you to be even more successful in both areas of your life. 
  • Emotional Release. Each day presents itself with its own challenges and there will be times where it can seem it’s all just too much to handle. Focusing on your well being allows you an outlet to release this stress and focus on something other than work. While sometimes all we want to do is work, work, work, more work is the last thing we need – especially if you’re feeling you’ve hit a roadblock on a project or an idea you’re working on. Let your mind relax and go back to work feeling renewed and refocused. 
  • Continuous Goal Setting. To stay motivated in both your fitness journey and your professional journey, you need to set goals and continue setting goals once you’ve achieved them. This exercise of setting goals in both your fitness and professional journey will help you stay motivated across all platforms and focuses in your life.


Erin Kelly, Account Supervisor

Erin has her finger on the pulse of local, regional and national health, wellness and fitness trends, and the influencers within the space. Her in-depth knowledge of fitness and up-and-coming trends is unique and second to none and her exceptional media relationships span sports, health and wellness outlets to high-profile fashion books and influential blogs. From retail integration and cause marketing, to social media and influencer engagement, she is dedicated to delivering creative, unique and innovative brand strategies.



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