From Pidgies to Pancakes: What can Pokémon Go do for you?

July 28th 2016

Ever had brunch with a Bulbasaur? I have! This past weekend, I went to a local restaurant with a special Pokémon Go themed event. I was there, as were my fellow patrons, because we could enjoy lemon-ricotta pancakes while leveling up. (And if you’re not sure what that means…here’s a quick guide).

The owners of the brunch spot saw that their customers were playing Pokémon Go while dining and came up with an idea – why not to use this trend to increase their restaurant’s bottom line? They advertised the special event, set off a lure and, then, let the lure work its magic – both in the game and in real life – carvahnas and customers alike.

Whether you are an upstart entrepreneur or you work at an international conglomerate, new technologies emerge every day and – if you can get a little creative – they provide a wealth of possibilities for integration into your marketing strategy.

Of course, many marketing strategists use “big data” – the ever-increasing volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of information – as the cornerstone of their strategy. And rightly so. From pricing structures to customer service to fraud protection, big data is revolutionizing marketing. Every online ad you see, that’s big data at work.

But big data also comes with a big price tag! And many small businesses simply don’t have the budget or the human resources to manage it all. So, how can you put technology to work for you and your business? Get creative! Here are some examples to get your ideas flowing:

  • Nivea created a magazine ad with a location-based paper wristband that parents can tear out and put on their child. That way, the phone will indicate to the parent when their child has wandered too far off, say, at a beach or a park. Nivea went from being just a lotion to being the brand that cares about your children.
  • The techno-synth music group BlueBrain has created a location-based music album that changes the soundtrack as the listener changes location. The app uses a global positioning network to activate different themes as the listener wanders through NYC’s Central Park. Written to fit together harmonically like a sonic jigsaw puzzle, the app contains more than 400 tracks, each tied to a location. It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for music!

Of course, adding a new technological twist to your existing marketing strategy isn’t always easy. It takes creative thinking that is supported by budget, staff and, most importantly, timely analysis to track performance. The good news is that you don’t have to do this on your own! Strategic agencies can offer you turn-key solutions to get your new initiatives up-and-running quickly and efficiently. Do a little research to find the right agency for you and then let them put their expertise to work for you. (And, you know where to find us!)

So you have more time to catch that Charizard!


By James Runkle

Mfa’s Digital Strategic Partner and Principal of Drummond Street Strategy

James brings his unique approach to all things social and digital in his work with Mfa. With more than 20 years of work across multiple sectors, ranging from collegiate to corporate, James combines best-practices to provide customized solutions. Along with his team, James strengthens Mfa’s social offerings and enhances clients’ presence on all digital platforms.

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