Influencers: how to utilize those media darlings

May 17th 2016

Influencers, specifically social media influencers, are the new darlings of the marketing world and when utilized appropriately, can be one of the most effective tools a brand can use to reach consumers.

Over the past few years, the concept of influencers has evolved. Decision makers now understand the importance of using content to stand out among competitors and recognize the strategic impact of influencers to create and distribute this content. Companies, now more than ever, are designating a portion of their marketing budget to influencers.

In orchestrating brand connections with influencers across sports, design, music, television, social media and entrepreneurship, our team has seen this shift firsthand. With that said, influencer marketing can be a fast and large wasted investment if you are not identifying the right influencer who aligns with your audience and overarching goals. Below are a few tips and points to consider when looking to successfully integrate influencers into a marketing campaign:

  1. Identify Program Goals: What are you looking to get out of the partnership (i.e. increased followers across a certain channel, driving sales or click throughs, consumer awareness, etc.)
  2. Identify your Audience: it’s crucial when identifying the appropriate influencer to have a clear understanding of the audience you are trying to reach and the message you are trying to get across.
  3. Choose the Most Relevant Platform: Once you have aligned on your audience, you need to identify where you will reach them, and that is done by framing your evaluation of each platform. For example, ask yourself the following questions:

What purpose does this platform serve (i.e. Twitter is a tool for sharing breaking news, Facebook builds brand loyalty)? Does it relate to the brands business goals? What audience does this platform target?

  1. Do Not Confuse Reach with Influence/Engagement. They Are Not the Same: Identifying the right influencer does not necessarily mean the individual with the largest social following, but rather those with the most engaged audience. Also, it is important to consider where you are looking to reach your audience and if that platform is where the influencer is most influential.


Erin Kelly, Account Supervisor

Erin has her finger on the pulse of local, regional and national health, wellness and fitness trends, and the influencers within the space. Her in-depth knowledge of fitness and up-and-coming trends (including influencers) is unique and second to none and her exceptional media relationships span sports, health and wellness outlets to high-profile fashion books and influential blogs. From retail integration and cause marketing, to social media and influencer engagement, she is dedicated to delivering creative, unique and innovative brand strategies.

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