Malaysia or Bust!

December 12th 2014

If you told me two months ago that I would have been going to Malaysia this winter, I would have looked at you skeptically. Airline ticket prices soared for months and as I longed to join my friends in Penang during the holiday season, I came to terms that I would be staying in NY for the bitter cold winter. But (with the help of some friends) the stars aligned and I packed my bags with adventure calling my name.

Malaysia or Bust! (2)

My time in Penang and Langkawi were worth every penny. After traveling for 33 hours, I walked in every temple and mosque in George Town, watched monkeys swim, experienced first-hand crazy Malaysian driving, drank coffee out of plastic bags and laid on some of the most beautiful beaches, witnessing paradise at its very finest.

Malaysia or Bust! (3)

I learned to eat anything at any type of day – breakfast, lunch and dinner food groups no longer existed. Pork buns and roti chennai for breakfast? No problem. Seafood stew on a plane at 3 AM? Check. An omelet with some unrecognizable meat deemed “sausage” at 4 PM? Ate it. Roast crispy duck over chicken fat rice? Any time, please.

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Seeing a culture completely unknown to me made me want to see the world, even more so than before. You name it, I want to see it. Next up? The possibilities are endless. (I’ll just make sure not to come back during a polar vortex next time – going from 92 to 7 degrees was a chilly adjustment, to say the least).

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By Megan Warner


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