Move Over Millennials – It’s Time to Talk Generation Z

June 17th 2016

As we strive to attract and capture millennials through personalized and customized experiences, we ought to start paying attention to Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration.

Who are Generation Zers?

Generally defined as those born after 1995, the iGeneration shares some characteristics with their millennial predecessors. However, they are more pragmatic, more cautious, more money-conscious and more globally-minded. They represent 70 million people, are highly tech-focused and have an estimated buying power of $200 billion. While the oldest of Generation Zers are currently enrolled in college, they have a widespread influence on family decisions.

How do brands market to Generation Z?

So how do brands capture this group, which represents a quarter of the population? Here are some tips:

  • Court them with visual content and leverage visual social media platforms: Generation Zers seek out entertaining, meaningful and memorable visual content. With a very short attention span, quickly engaging content appeals most. The key is to utilize visual social media platforms such as Snapchat, Periscope, and Vine to tell your brand story.
  • Invite them to be part of the creative process: As they seek out individuality, members of Generation Z want to be able to contribute to the creative process. Brands can tap into their talent and creativity to build campaigns and content and invite them to participate in contests to capture brand loyalty.
  • Use direct and immediate communication tools: Immediacy is key when marketing to Generation Z, keeping in mind that they mostly communicate via text messages or messenger apps. Emails and phone calls are too obsolete, so brands should use direct messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Slack to reach out and converse with them.
  • Offer useful tech features: Tech-savvy Generation Z expects ongoing connectivity, wifi, smart TVs, digital tools for everything. Brands need to go beyond mobile-friendly to mobile-centric.
  • Maintain authenticity: Brand messages should always be funny, entertaining and, most importantly, authentic. Members of Generation Z are used to being friends with brands but they get turned off by overly unauthentic content. Keep your messaging honest, real and meaningful to retain their attention and, ultimately, their loyalty.

 Generation Z is the most interracial and diverse population and their awareness of the world is unseen. While their attention span is shorter than any other generation, it’s never too early to engage with them and start transforming them into brand loyalists.


By Amelie Bruzat

Amelie is an Account Supervisor on Mfa’s Travel & Hospitality division, leading a team that excels at reaching travelers through integrated earned, owned, paid and shared media campaigns. A native of France, she developed a passion for food and travel at an early age and loves that her job allows her to daydream about her next trip.

*Image credit: The New York Times / Mikey Burton

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