Our Moment as the Moderator

February 10th 2015

Upon returning from the land of snow-inspired gear at the SIA (Snow Industries of America) tradeshow, I find myself thinking about how incredible it is to see how the industry continues to grow – from the emerging brands entering the scene to the trusty classics that continue to innovate and evolve.  It was fun to see many familiar faces and watch the Mfa team in action, running through 10+ media appointments a day (and happy to have passed the torch on that grueling schedule)!

This year, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel entitled “Meet the Press.”  I was joined by an incredible line-up of media that have been shaping the coverage of the snow industry for many years, including: Pat Bridges (Snowboarder), Annie Fast (Network A), Jessica Kaplan (freelance writer) and Helen Olson (Epic Life Magazine/Show Daily).

We had an interesting conversation about how the media landscape continues to evolve and covered topics from how they like to be pitched, trends, press trips and more. It was great to be a part of a discussion that reinforces what you push your staff and clients to do, and even better to learn something new.

A few insights that stood out to me:

  • Do NOT cold call…this was probably the hardest one for me to hear, as someone who is constantly challenging my team to pick up the phone and pitch.  This seems to be as ancient as the Bacon’s book.  They all reiterated that a simple emailed pitch with bullets and a personalized message is ideal.
  • Press trips are a big win!  As hard as it is to get media to commit and clients to invest, the entire panel reinforced that press trips lead to multiple stories and a true and lasting personal connection with the brand. So, invest in press trips, but keep the groups small.
  • Press Releases are still needed and media appreciate receiving them to stay informed and have all the info they need.  No need to go overboard with releases for every product release though.
  • Some of the Buyer’s Guides are pay-to-play…the separation between church and state is not always in line.  Keep in mind that there are always sections that are strictly editorial, and use this to educate clients.

By Caroline Andrew, SVP

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