Our top NYC picks for Summer

June 28th 2015

With only four weeks left until Labor Day weekend (nooo!!!!), our summer NYC-to-do list feels like it just keeps getting longer. Here are a few of our favorite NYC summer experiences. Hopefully we’ll get to check a few more off the list before Labor Day!


Stephen: Going to a baseball game was, is, and will always be a great way to relax and enjoy a great day or night while sharing long-lasting memories with family and friends.  Nothing compares…

Our top NYC picks for summer (1 Baseball)

Amelie: Nothing beats live shows in Central Park. Who doesn’t love watching the sun set over the park while listening to their favorite band perform at Summer Stage?

Our top NYC picks for summer (2 Live in Central Park)

Adele: One of my favorite things to do this summer has been to explore the Columbia waterfront in Brooklyn. Running right along the water, the slowly-developing streets are home to a few low-key restaurants and bars, as well as a few “super hip” spots like Pok Pok NY and Whiskey Soda Lounge. My personal favorite is Alma, a multi-level Mexican restaurant that makes a killer michelada and some seriously fresh masa tortillas. You can eat on their rooftop with a view of downtown Manhattan, or hang in the street level bar to play pinball.

Our top NYC picks for summer (3 Columbia waterfront Brooklyn)

Silvie: Summertime in NYC means brunching and juicing with friends, outside, ideally in the West Village. Love me some Rosemary’s!

Our top NYC picks for summer (4 brunching & juicing)

Caroline: Taking a bike ride to Coney Island.  Head over the Brooklyn Bridge through Prospect Park and onto the bike path on Ocean Parkway.  Once you arrive in Coney Island take a spin on the Cyclone and grab a hotdog at Nathan’s to refuel before heading back into the city.  Note: we highly recommend Cyclone before Nathan’s!

Our top NYC picks for summer (5 bike to Coney Island)

Francesca: Bastille Day on Smith St!  It’s the one day a year that I make all my friends come down to my neighborhood for drinking, eating and dancing in the street.  It’s easy to forget you’re in Brooklyn and think you’re in France!

Our top NYC picks for summer (6 Bastille Day)

Erin K.: My NYC summer pick is Battery Park. I have lived in the financial district for a little over two years but didn’t make it over to Battery Park until this past spring, and realized I was really missing out! Since then, I have been running down by the water all summer and can’t get enough of the view, lights (at night), sunset and of course, good old-fashioned people watching.

Our top NYC picks for summer (7 Battery Park)

Spencer: Summers in NYC are when the cultural opportunities are most abundant and more importantly, FREE! There are a few ways to get a ticket to one of these incredible performances that take place at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. For Shakespeare in the Park, the free ones are not the most convenient, but they are definitely worthwhile. After confirming your seats, pack an “easy to eat” picnic and a box of wine. The performances start at 8pm and once the sun has set and the stage becomes alive.

Our top NYC picks for summer (8 Delacorte Theater)

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