Reflections on the 2014 Social Good Summit

November 15th 2015

What will our planet look like in 2030?  More importantly, what type of world do we want to live in?  The answer, it seems, lies within a series of decisions, which ultimately give way to a larger, more important choice. The answer nevertheless, depends on us. The choice: take the vital steps necessary towards making our world a better place.

Held during UN Week in New York City, and coinciding with what officially became the largest climate march in our country’s history, the 2014 Social Good Summit was in full swing last week, and the MFAction team was lucky enough to attend.

The summit hosted influential leaders, thinkers, and figures spanning entrepreneurs and business icons, to politicians, writers and authors, journalists, performing artists, actors, and others. The discussions focused on issues surrounding how we as people and citizens can offer and create both meaningful and effective solutions to the problems our communities face, ultimately helping to shape a far better immediate and greater future for us all.

The Summit’s theme, #2030Now, reflects just that. With the groundbreaking and rapidly improving technology our world constantly experiences, we ought to be able to offer our world the chance to change for the better.  The list of special guests and speakers was impressive. On September 22 alone, Michael Dell spoke about the new age of technology and entrepreneurship, and how both have worked hand in hand to improve the world around us.  Actress Connie Britton eloquently stressed the importance of the role of women in our society, joining the meetup titled “Women Empowered: Making Leaps and Breaking Barriers.”  Robin Roberts sat down with Melinda Gates to discuss myriad worldly issues, with particular focus to the importance of developing our youth.  Dr. Jim Yong Kim stressed the goal of effectively and realistically ending poverty. Edward Norton joined the discussion about embracing nature and believing in its great benefits to us and our world.  Under Secretary of State Richard Stengel spoke about climate issues, while Caitlin Crosby, Hugh Evans, Jenna Hager, and Kweku Mandela (Nelson’s grandson) convened to discuss millenial influence in uplifting those in need.  The list goes on and on.

Our MFAction team was lucky to have been able to witness such passion throughout the Summit. Undoubtedly inspirational, the Social Good Summit is only the beginning.   Only people have the true power to make a difference, and without the power of us, nothing will be done to improve our world.  If anything, this Summit shows how much people really do care; and no matter who you are and where you’re from–you can make a difference.



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