Summer at Smorgasburg

June 4th 2015

If you love food, the outdoors, and a killer view, Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg is the perfect spot for you!  I go almost every Sunday afternoon and I promise you, it never disappoints!  There are more than 100 vendors every weekend that set up shop right in front of Pier 5 along the Hudson River. The New York City skyline is breathtaking and everyone is filled with happiness. I mean it’s hard to not smile with good friends and great food by your side, right?


One of my favorite vendors, (emphasis on ONE) is the Red Hook Lobster Pound. I’ve had some pretty great seafood from all over the country, but Red Hook definitely wins the prize. Their “Connecticut Style” lobster rolls are tossed in butter and sprinkled with scallions and spices that taste fresh right from the bay. They serve the lobster on a toasted potato roll that definitely adds to the amazing taste!

Summer at Smorgasburg (2)

Another one of my preferred vendors has to be Ramen Burger.  If you’re looking for a unique combination of pasta and burger, and don’t mind waiting in line, this place is for you! The crunch from the fried noodles, scallions, arugula and homemade glaze sauce on the burger leaves a scrumptious taste in your mouth. I had the pleasure of splitting this masterpiece with my friend and it did not disappoint.


I haven’t tried every vendor at Smorgasburg, but my favorite sweet treats come from Vendome Macaron. Their strawberry champagne and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavors are to die for. If you can’t make it down to Brooklyn on Sunday I highly suggest going to their location in Saks Fifth Avenue.


By Theresa Bischof

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