Summer Wanderlust: Exploring Wyoming

September 2nd 2015

I am constantly confronted with this conundrum that tears me up inside: do I prefer the mountain or the wave? Why can I not have both at the same time? When I am on the beach, surfing or sailing I think there is nothing better in the world. The same goes when I am hiking or skiing in the mountains. I do have to admit though, my trip to Wyoming in August might have officially teetered me a mountain man. Like they say a picture is worth a 1000 words and the pic-sitch below basically explains it all.

Summer wanderlust - exploring Wyoming (3)

What is there left to say….I went fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and shooting on the daily.  We were located on the cusp of Yellowstone National Park with no cell service on a family ranch called 7D Ranch. Here we lived in hand built cabins, had picnic-style meals, learned how to line dance, forge and wrangle. Besides the absolute relaxation and complete isolation the highlight of the trip came when I convinced a lucky few to hike the highest mountain peak in the distance. With a guide, the ranch owner and his wife, we took on the task of doing what no other guests had done, which was hike Stinking Water (which is just under 12k feet). On a pretty difficult 10 hour hike we saw bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and a double rainbow.

Regardless of the heavy breathing, a couple falls and a lot of bruises the view from the top made it completely worth it. The summit beer also helped!


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