The Power of Media Relationships: Getting Up and Out of the Office     

March 22nd 2016


A five page product spread; a feature segment with a brand ambassador and athlete; and, an in-depth article on how an organization is changing the world for the better – what do they all have in common? They are just a few recent wins secured as a result of in-person editor meetings. From discussions over a delicious dinner at Charlie Bird (that Farro Salad though!), a sweat session filled with boxing and bonding at Shadow Box to a must-have mani at Paintbox, each of these outings demonstrate why it is so important for PR professionals to get #upandout (as SELF would say) and interact with media.

Some top benefits of one-on-one media meetings that get the body moving and mind stimulated:

  • Getting to know media will make your job easier. Editors, producers, journalists and even influencers are human, just like us. We are all more inclined to answer an email, text or pick up the phone to a friend or acquaintance, rather than send a random number to voicemail.
  • Honest feedback goes a long way. Brands, now more than ever, are not looking to be brown-nosed about how great their product, program or initiative is. They are looking for honest feedback from media that they can use to improve their product, messaging, targets, and to recalibrate internal expectations. When you build a good relationship with media, you can call and ask them for “off the record” insight, which will help everyone in the long run.
  • Feature stories vs. small placements. Building strong relationships with editors allows more opportunity for a PR professional to work together with media on crafting the stories they are building, resulting in quality coverage, control of messaging, and true consumer awareness and engagement.
  • New business opportunities. Many people overlook that brands are asking media for references. A strong editor relationship can be a well of new business opportunities.
  • And most of all, it is fun!

By Erin Kelly

Erin has her finger on the pulse of local, regional and national health, wellness and fitness trends. Her in-depth knowledge of fitness and up-and-coming trends is second to none and her extensive media network spans sports, health and wellness outlets, high-profile fashion books and influential blogs. From retail integration and cause marketing, to social media and influencer engagement, she is dedicated to delivering creative, unique and innovative brand strategies.

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