The Top 4 Digital Strategies You Should Be Using Now

April 12th 2016

The digital world is rapidly changing the way that the marketing game is played. With each passing day, it gets harder to break through and get noticed by new customers. After all, fewer people are opening emails. Everyone fast-forwards through television commercials. Online ad blocking software renders nearly $22 billion worth of advertising ineffective every year.

How do you stay relevant and make sure your marketing campaigns get noticed by your target audience? Read more about the four leading digital strategies you should be using. Now.

  1. Create a digital strategy for your business or product

Yes, actually having a digital strategy is, in itself, a strategy. You would never start a trip by just driving down random roads and hope you somehow end up at the correct hotel. And yet that is what many businesses do when they launch a new initiative – they know where they want to go but don’t plan the route to get there.

Knowing “where you want to go” (increased sales revenue, more engagements on social media, etc) is only the first step. When you have a solid strategy, you know what actions to take next, how to move consistently toward your goal and, most importantly, how to measure your progress along the way to make sure you are spending your time and budget as efficiently as possible.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t already implemented an SEO strategy for your company’s site, please stop reading now and go do that! Organic search results are vastly superior to paid results in the mind of your potential customers. Do your keyword research, optimize your content and decide if hiring an outside SEO company is right for you.

Dan Scalco, Founder and Director of Growth at Digitalux, a digital marketing agency located in Hoboken, NJ, puts it best: “Time and time again, SEO has been the digital marketing strategy that has brought our clients the highest ROI. Investing in SEO isn’t an option any more, it’s a necessity.”

  1. Digital PR

Digital PR (also known as “content marketing”) is an extremely effective way of leveraging all the best-practices of traditional Public Relations and applying that to the online world. Having your product used by, seen with, or talked about by a celebrity is good for sales!

In the digital world there are “celebrities” everywhere. But we call them bloggers, influencers or social media stars. These people are in the business of reviewing products, or writing op-ed pieces about companies. Better yet, no matter how specific your industry may be there are online experts who are talking about it. Guaranteed. Just Google the bloggers who would be the best match for your industry, rank them according to their Moz score and start getting in touch.

  1. Employee Advocacy

You are sitting on a marketing gold mine. Your employees—with an average of 846 social connections each—collectively have more reach than your brand could ever have. What’s more, word of mouth marketing is considered the most trusted form of advertising. Sites like Yelp or Google+ are extremely valuable sites when customers research products or services and having your employees post positive reviews will make your company more “human” and personable.

Employee Advocacy programs benefit marketing and communications, of course, but it’s also beneficial for the rest of your company! By giving your employees an easy way to spread the word to their online connections, HR will see a higher quality and quantity of job applicants for openings, customer service will be increased and you’ll have a deep pool of research about your company that would normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.

By James Runkle

Mfa’s Digital Strategic Partner and Principal of Drummond Street Strategy

James brings his unique approach to all things social and digital in his work with Mfa. With more than 20 years of work across multiple sectors, ranging from collegiate to corporate, James combines best-practices to provide customized solutions. Along with his team, James strengthens Mfa’s social offerings and enhances clients’ presence on all digital platforms.


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