Contagious energy and sharp strategy is a mighty pairing.

Our team of adventurers, foodies, sports enthusiasts and champions of social good are dedicated to doing what we love and loving what we do. The end goal is always to inspire media and consumers to embrace the organizations, people and products we represent.

Much more than a trendy buzzword to us, wellness is a part of who we are. It’s woven throughout the agency’s history and much of the work we do today.

A complex word with several definitions, wellness means many things to Mfa. The agency’s physical wellness is fulfilled through our rich history in the sports world, which includes global sporting goods brands and boutique fitness studios. Spiritual wellness is met by monthly in-office yoga sessions and work with organizations that hold a deeper meaning, including ALEX AND ANI and lululemon. Mental health is a focus through the awareness we raise alongside beauty brand philosophy’s hope & grace initiative. And we strive toward wellness for the world around us through MFAction’s work with organizations that are raising awareness for important issues, like childhood hunger and the importance of active play.
An innate understanding of the worlds of health media and wellness influencers co-exists with the truly active lifestyles of our staff, making us expert storytellers for products, people and brands with a wellness mission.

Mfa’s culinary practice naturally developed out of – and continues to complement – the agency’s deep hospitality expertise.

What excites us about the world of food and wine? Everything. Food culture continues to evolve, paving the road of opportunity and innovation for our chef, sommelier, restaurant, wine and spirits partners. Our true relationships with food and wine influencers and media deliver consistent success and lead our team to break the mold with fresh opportunities and expanded audiences. Successful restaurant, wine and spirit launches lead to continued momentum, while partnership development lands chefs, brands, restaurateurs, events and destinations in mutually-beneficial relationships, like we facilitated with Charlie Bird restaurant and YouTube, and Food & Wine with the Cayman Cookout. An authentic knowledge and love for the industry leads our team on an unstoppable hunt to introduce our partners to new audiences, often tapping emerging media and influencers who share their passions through social and digital media and content marketing.

Mfa's hospitality and travel experience reaches further back than the agency’s founding date and spans the market, from luxury to mass destination marketing.

We’ve put properties on the map and reshaped the perception of destinations around the globe. And, we make it happen with the distinctive twist that only an agency with our pedigree can. By both embracing and reaching beyond traditional travel media, Mfa expands our partners’ reach to an increasingly curious and adventurous consumer base, elevating the authentic experiences they seek.
Blogger programs, social media campaigns and partnership development complement a well-established expertise in airlift and airline programming, promotions, press and consumer activations, and the revamping of Visiting Journalist programs to exponentially increase ROI. Our HSMAI award-winning team is also adept at navigating crisis situations with a strategic, swift and caring approach.

MFAction is the agency’s social good and cause marketing division, delivering award winning work to the for-purpose missions of both for and nonprofit organizations.

Social responsibility and giving back has been a part of Mfa’s culture from the very beginning, with MFAction naturally rising out of the agency’s desire to make an impact. Our work elevates thought leaders, starts influencer and media conversations, creates movements, spearheads grassroots activations and clears the path to new funding opportunities, ultimately driving corporations and consumers to action.
Exuding the agency’s storytelling expertise, our full-service approach tailors each program to fulfill the end goal of affecting positive change to the conversation surrounding the cause. Adept at executing full campaigns, our experienced and enthusiastic team advances nonprofit marketing plans, corporate social responsibility and citizenship programs, cause-specific programming, brand purpose and internal communications consulting and initiative launches.
Earned, owned, paid and shared media plans have benefited organizations focused on education, the environment, minorities, children and youth, the homeless, mental health and more. We consider ourselves lucky to provide meaningful results that go beyond the bottom line.

We’re passionate about sports. All kinds of sports. Mfa's sports marketing and communication expertise is unmatched and relied upon by brands, athletes, events and organizations.

From Salt Lake City to Sochi, Mfa has worked on the last seven consecutive Olympic Games, creating unmatched expertise for Olympic communications strategy and execution. Guiding the introduction of new sporting events, navigating the rules and regulations for official and non-official sponsors and successfully executing victory tours for champions and medalists are just some of the ways that Mfa makes our partners burst through the crowded landscape. Mass and niche brands across the entire sports spectrum consistently look to Mfa to talk to their vertical and mainstream audiences. Far reaching experience spans team sports, cycling, motor sports, adventure and action sports. That's why numerous organizations and event properties trust us to represent their mission, properties and sports. Whether it’s media training a rising star or shaping the public persona of an internationally recognized champion, our seasoned pros work seamlessly with high profile athletes, to tell their stories and those of the brands that support them.

Founded on consumer product work, Mfa creates connections with the audiences that matter.

An understanding of mass and niche consumer behavior has been cultivated for more than two decades, resulting in a knack for driving people to action! A sweeping range of brands in the worlds of beauty, fashion, tech, accessories, mass retail, children’s and parenting products benefit from this knowhow. Because our account teams are comprised of staff whose personal passions naturally align with the brands they represent, an innate industry and product knowledge accompanies sharp communications skills. Launch planning and events, media trips, nationwide store openings, influencer programs, social strategy, deskside tours and media relations are just some of the tools tapped to create individualized success for each program. Success surpasses the product round-up, with business features, brand covers and strategic placements during key buying seasons (hello, holiday gift guides). Mfa’s youth influencer and Millennial expertise connects brands with tough to reach audiences. Widespread experience with skincare, apparel, digital platforms, watches and everything in between has fine-tuned our ability to spread a niche message to the masses.

See how our work goes to work for our clients.