Work and Working Out: The Art of Making it all Happen

April 3rd 2015

A lot of us struggle with finding the motivation and time to hit the gym, especially when factoring in an extremely busy work schedule. For young professionals, adjusting to new, demanding work schedules often causes exercise to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list — but, what many seem to forget is that a sweat session results in increased productivity. Mfa’s very own fitness aficionado, Sally Downs, has shared her tips and tricks to staying fit and feeling healthy when time is of the essence:

  • Take initiative: Lead an office fitness challenge such as a 30-day plank or squat challenge. This is a fun way of team bonding, getting fit and a better energy booster than a typical afternoon coffee break!
  • Find an office BFFF (best fitness friend forever!): Tag team on workouts and push each other to wake-up early or go later in the day. Motivation is key.
  • Get out and explore during lunch: Take a power walk around the building to get fresh air, a little exercise and release some endorphins during the typical mid-day slump when a pick-me-up is essential (i.e. 3pm).
  • Host meetings at standing desks: Encourage meetings to be in places where you’re up out of the office chair – standing desks or cover your agenda items over a walk. Standing desks were a must-have in the design of our new office space and we encourage everyone to be vocal about requesting the same. A simple two person pub table by a window or in an unused corner will do the trick!
  • Get creative: Working out can (and should) be fun! Explore studios you don’t typically go to and workouts that you wouldn’t normally try. Mixing workouts up is important for keeping your routine from getting dull. Some fun, unique workouts to check out are AQUA Cycle, CrossFlowX at The Movement and BalletBungee at Chaise Fitness.
  • Make it a priority: Don’t let work get in the way of your workouts. A good sweat is a great brain refresher and energizer – not to mention a great time to let your creativity run free.

Happy “work”ing out!

By Erin Kelly, Senior Account Executive

About Erin:
Erin Kelly is a Senior Account Executive within Mfa’s Consumer Products and Sports division. The team specializes in original content development, creative brand storytelling and product launches, influential campaign development and securing impactful media coverage. Erin is a fitness enthusiast herself, and believes there is a story to tell behind every brand, individual or product she comes in contact with. When she is not uncovering the latest classes on ClassPass or shooting hoops with her coworkers, she is looking for the next best beauty routine on-the-rise.

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