Young Athletes Pushing Limits in Action Sports

May 15th 2015

The New York Times Magazine article on children and ‘extreme sports’ is creating media buzz, starting a conversation on national morning TV.

As a team that’s been working in and bearing witness to the rise of action sports for nearly two decades, we’ve seen activities like BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding go from counter-culture hobbies to mainstream sports, complete with gold medals, primetime broadcasts and blue chip sponsors. With this experience and an inside look into how some of today’s youngest athletes push their sport’s boundaries, we found the story especially interesting and appreciate a highly respected media outlet bringing attention to action sports.

We hope that future articles on the subject point out the reality of young athletes that choose to pursue a career in action sports – that they bring just as much passion and professionalism to their training as those who play baseball, basketball or football. With experienced coaches, professional facilities and appropriate safety measures, these athletes rise to the top of their sports with a healthy understanding of risk management, not with an approach of reckless abandon.

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